Post Hurricane Sandy Tech Volunteer Sign-Up
NY Tech Meetup and New Work City are organizing volunteers with technology skills to help with relief efforts and help New York-area businesses and organizations get their technology back up and running after Hurricane Sandy. For now, we are starting with creating a database so that we have a group of people who have already raised their hands and are ready to go as it becomes more evident which organizations and businesses in the city need help.

If you NEED help or know someone who does, fill out this form:
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Technology challenges I can help with:
Technology skills to assist with coordinating relief efforts
Groups may form to hack together better solutions to help coordinate efforts. Please specify your technology strengths!
Materials and supplies I can donate or lend:
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I have a space I can offer up for coworking that has power and Internet
Please list the location, how many people you can accomodate, and how people should get in touch with you.
Other services I can offer:
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Other ideas I have for how we can help:
If you have other ideas for how the tech community can help, please share them here.
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