2019-20 Sakura Hawaii Alumnae Membership Application
As a former Cherry Blossom Festival participant, you are formally invited to become an inaugural member of Sakura Hawaii Alumnae (SHA) created exclusively for you! Sakura Hawaii Alumnae was formed to perpetuate Japanese cultural education, promote community service, foster networking and build relationships with the hundreds of ambitious, driven and successful women of the Cherry Blossom Festival.

About SHA: Founded in 2011 SHA was created from an idea that women with similar experiences and interests could gather and celebrate their common bond. At SHA, all roads lead back to the Cherry Blossom Festival. The goal of SHA is to create a vehicle in which former Cherry Blossom Festival Contestants, will have the opportunity to join the ranks of hundreds of ambitious, successful, and community minded Cherry Blossom Festival women.

Mission: To provide former Cherry Blossom Festival participants a place to build relationships with each other while perpetuating the Japanese culture through education and volunteerism.

Eligibility: Former Cherry Blossom Festival participants who completed activities through Festival Ball. Current Cherry Blossom Festival Court members are not eligible to participate in Sakura Hawaii Alumnae until after their year of service is completed.

$10 General membership: Invitation to SHA events, cultural education and volunteer opportunities, voting privileges
$50 Kikuzakura membership : One gift item, free attendance to an event, all general level benefits

Annual events include but are not limited to:
General Membership Meeting
Eden in Love Shopping Event
Ohana Festival Volunteer
History of the Cherry Blossom Festival (with current Cherry Blossom Festival Contestants)

Privacy Pledge:
SHA respects the privacy of its members. Information that you provide to SHA will be used to communicate to you regarding SHA related activities and programs.

Sakura Hawaii Alumnae is a 501(c)(3). Donations are tax deductible. If you would like to make a donation please email us for more more information!

Connect with us at:
Email- sakurahawaiialumnae@gmail.com
Facebook- www.facebook.com/sakurahawaiialumane.
Instagram- @sakura_hawaii_alumnae

**All membership renewal regardless of membership anniversary date will take place in July**
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