Jones High History Digital Exhibit Survey
This is a survey to evaluate the Jones High School History Digital Exhibit. Please fill out the following questions.
1. How would you rate the content on the website?
Little Interest
2. Was it what you expected
3. Which sections did you visit? Select all that apply.
4. Which were you most interested in?
5. Which were you least interested in?
6. Was the information easy to find?
7. Was the information easy to understand?
8. Will you recommend the site to others?
9. Why did you visit the website?
Your answer
10. How did you hear about us?
12. What gender do you identify as?
13. What is your age?
14. What is the highest level of schooling you have received?
15. What is your ethnic background?
16. What is your country or region of origin?
17. Is English your primary language?
18. Do you think it would benefit others if the exhibit text were accessible in other languages such as French, Spanish or Portuguese?
18. Would you like to share your thoughts on this exhibit?
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