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Thank you for your interest in being an early user of Writerflint! We're excited to have you on this journey to creating a place where ideas can be developed and clarified by writing. We're looking forward to what Writerflint will help you to come up with!

We have to warn you though, that being an early user has downsides. Stuff might just not work (send us bug reports!), stuff that you expect might not be there yet (send us feature requests!), and we'll be requesting your honest (brutal) feedback on the app (anonymously!). The last of those is extremely important to us so please go for it! Forms for all these are located in the app.

To set up your account, fill in the details below and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Contact us about anything else at writerflint.team@gmail.com.

We really appreciate you doing this!
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