Capital Entrepreneurs - Membership Request
If you are interested in joining Capital Entrepreneurs, please complete this form. The goal of CE is to be a community for entrepreneurs. There are no membership dues, but only entrepreneurs are eligible to join.

Membership criteria:
1) You must be a founder, co-founder, or very early stage employee of a Madison area startup, or have relevant past entrepreneurial accomplishments.
2) Your startup must be a registered entity (LLC, c-corp, etc) and you must be actively pursuing your venture on a daily basis.
3) Law firms, accountants, and other traditional service providers are not allowed as members (aka if you want to join CE just to sell stuff to our members, CE is not for you).

After completing the form, you will receive a response once your membership request has been reviewed. NOTE: We only review Membership Requests approximately once monthly, so it may be a few weeks before you get a response - but don't worry!

Please email with any questions.

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