The Suspect List 2020b - Week 7
I was expecting one more week! I thought this week felt a bit weird, with just one 'challenge' (that was impossible to earn money from) with 4 players left. I would have turned around during that challenge too, to see who The Mole was - maybe they were instructed not to turn around, but it feels like they would have wanted to turn around too. For me, that was quite frustrating, they aren't being allowed to play the game as they naturally would.

Also, why is this the final episode? Maybe there were production issues and they had to wrap things up quickly? Maybe the rain had soaked all their equipment and everyone just wanted to go home - who knows.

ANYWAY - good luck everyone, it's the final suspect list. Just two questions this week...


Place the remaining contestants in order from MOST LIKELY to be the Mole to LEAST likely in the questions below. Include each candidate on the list ONCE ONLY. If you accidentally include a candidate more than once, you can go back an edit it if need be, but once the form is closed duplicated candidates will be disregarded.

SCORING: If you put the Mole as the least likely candidate, you'll score 0 points. Put them as second to least likely, you'll get 1 point. Third to least likely, you'll score 2 points... and so on. However, putting The Mole as MOST likely will score you 10 POINTS, regardless of the number of candidates remaining.

There is a bonus question at the end worth 3 points to test your observation of the Mole's activities during the episode.

You also have a JOKER you can use it ONCE over the series. It doubles your score for one week only. (If you try to use a joker more than once, the first week you use it is the once that will count.)

Dan Peake
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Who is The Mole? *
BONUS QUESTION: How many questions did The Mole answer correctly in the Mole Minecart challenge? *
Would you like to use your JOKER this week? *
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