Open Access Asia - A Review
This survey is created to get idea about Open Access development in Asian Regions. I request all OA Advocates from various asian countries please go through survey and help to collect data for my research work - Vrushali Dandawate, DOAJ Ambassador, India. For any query please contact,,
Your Name (I am acknowledging your name in my research work)
Your answer
Your role and name of organization?
Your answer
Your Country
Your answer
Is there any Open Access Policy adopted by Government for your Country?
If yes, can you please provide link
Your answer
Has your country adopted any university or institute level open access policy?
If yes, please provide links
Your answer
What are the main contents of Institutional Repositories in your country?
If you have selected "Any Other Resources" above, please explain what those documents are?
Your answer
Do your country have any locally publish Open Access Journals, Are they being used ?
Your answer
Are there any policies made by government or higher education university system encouraging publishing in specific journals for academic credits and approvals?
If yes, please specify what is policy
Your answer
Is there any centralized support provided by government / universities to develop open access in your country?
If centralized support is available, what does it support?
If you have clicked for "Other Support" what type of centralized support is your country getting?
Your answer
Are there any communities in your country who are working actively to promote open access (for example like Open Access India, Open Access Nepal)
If yes, please give link of Open Access community in your region
Your answer
Are any International agencies supporting your country for promotion or building of Open Access resources ( Ex. Open Access Journals platforms NAPJOL, BANGLAJOL)
If you selected "Any other Agency", please mention their name
Your answer
As per your view, what are the problems/barriers for adopting open access in your country?
Too little ICT Infrastructure
Too little support from Government
Internet Connectivity Issue
Language problem
Too little awareness of Open Access benefits among scholarly community
Funding problem
Too little International cooperation
Any Other
If you have selected for "Any Other Problem" what is that please mention
Your answer
Which are the most used open access e-resources in your country?
Open Access Journals
Open Access Books
Open Access Repositories
Other Open Access Resources
If measuring on liner scale "Open Access e- resources development" in your country is...
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