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Registration and Liability Release:  Team Enduro Lab presented by Bicycle Heaven
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This first section is primarily about the ATHLETE.
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PRIMARY Parent/Guardian - Please review and agree to the Liability Release Agreement.  This is REQUIRED in order to ride, practice, and/or race with Team Enduro Lab.  *
PRIMARY Parent/Guardian - Permission to use media and photos:  I give my permission for Team Enduro Lab presented by Bicycle Heaven, its sponsors and outside media agents (newspapers, television, etc.) to take photographs, video, and otherwise document my child involved in the activities of this program. I give permission for any photographs or video material of my child to be used in publicity about the program and organization (website, promotional materials, newspaper/magazine articles, etc.). *
Thank you for registering your athlete!  Please leave any additional comments here you'd like us to know about your athlete.  
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