Advocates for Diversity: I AM Message
Thank you for your participation! Please fill in the blank. 1) The purpose is to bring attention to microaggressions that have affected members of our community and share solutions on how to put an end to these experiences for others. 2) The messages are anonymous and will be read during morning meeting by the club students. 3) It is meant to be solution focused and includes a prompt for any actions that will help put an end to the hurtful incidences. 4) This is also a great way to raise awareness for a particular identity group, even if there is no incident that needs to be addressed.
"I am__________________________________" (Fill in Identity you are focusing on - race, gender, religion, sexuality, class, ability, etc.) *
"We want you to know_________________________ "(A fact about your specific group to dispel any stereotype or misunderstandings.)
"We never want to hear, see, or experience __________________ "(The comment you heard or something that happened to you or another person because of their identity, ie. stereotypes, derogatory comments, etc.) *
"We want our allies/advocates to__________________________" (What action do you want allies/advocates to do for you? Be specific. For example, if you want them to "stand up" or "speak up" for your group, explain HOW or WHAT specifically do you want them say.) *
Concerns, Questions, Requests? Any topic you want to discuss in our Advocates for Diversity meetings?
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