2020 Cottage Grove Community Foundation Scholarship Application Form
(40+ Scholarships, $500-$2000 Awards, ONE Application) All of the scholarships are for students residing within SLSD, however approximately five are open to students residing in Creswell, Yoncalla and Drain.

Special scholarships for nursing, education, engineering, medical and technical programs,attending LCC, first generation to attend college, etc. Students wanting to apply for the Woodard Family Scholarship for LCC should also use this application. There are new scholarships for students who want to attend a career or technical program at a community college or other school. A complete list of scholarships and instructions for completing application are available on our website: www.cgcfoundation.org

Please review instructions available on our website: www.cgcfoundation.org. Follow instructions carefully to prepare and attach essays, activity/work form, and transcript, then complete this form (survey). BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE GOOGLE DRIVE SHARING INSTRUCTIONS "SHARE WITH ANYONE WITH A LINK". This will assure that our selection committee members can review your application. The links will be shared only with committee members until May 8, 2020.

To be complete and eligible, applications must include the following three items in a folder (see separate instructions) and complete this form/survey. 1) Essay questions, 2) Career Information System (CIS) activities chart plus paid and unpaid work experience and scholarships applied and received, 3) transcript through Fall Trimester. Be sure to label each section clearly with section title and your name. Label each of the four essay sections with the question title and your name.

All applications must be complete and received by Friday, March 13, 4:00 pm.

Answers to this survey will be used to assure your eligibility for specific scholarships.
Last Name
First Name
Mailing Address
Street number and name or P.O. Box number on first line; City, state and zipcode on second line
Email address
Home phone number
Cell phone number
High School
Name of school you attend and will graduate from, if other than CGHS, please list in blank
Years attended *
By the time you graduate, how many years have you attended this high school?
Cumulative GPA Non weighted
What is your cumulative GPA through Fall Trimester/Quarter 2019?
Do you plan to attend Lane Community College?
CNA program
Do you plan to enroll in a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) program?
If you plan to attend a CNA program, what school will you attend?
Medical career?
If you plan a career in a medical area, check all that apply:
Other careers
Do you plan to study to be:
Do you plan to attend a Trade School or career or technical program? If not skip to next question.
What career or technical focus do you plan to study?
Major study area
What major or area of interest do you plan to study?
Career interest
Describe the career(s) you are interested in.
Mother's education
To be eligible for the first-generation scholarship, please tell us the highest school grade your mother completed.
Father's education
To be eligible for the first-generation scholarship, please tell us the highest school grade your father completed
School in 2020
Name of school you plan to attend by the Fall of 2020
Expected Program Completion
When do you expect to graduate or complete your program or college – month & Year:
Financial information *
Required – check one box below
Required. Provide the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from your FAFSA score.
If you work, how much you have saved to support continuing your education? If yes, how much have you saved for continuing your education?
Permission to share application *
Please check "Yes" or "No" below to allow us to share your application with CGCF scholarship selection committee members. If you do not want to share this information you will not be eligible for our scholarships.
Permission to publish *
Please check "Yes" or "No" below, to allow CGCF to publish your name in local newspapers, our Website or Facebook page, if you are a recipient.
URL and Folder *
See page 2 of paper instructions. Be careful to follow the sharing directions exactly. Create a folder labeled Last name.First name ( i.e., Smith.John) include your essays, activities and transcript in that folder labeled as instructed. Paste the folder URL below.
Essay Questions *
Have you included the answers to the 4 essay questions in your folder? Labeled: Last name.first name 2020 Essays
Activity Chart *
Have you included an activity chart in your folder? Labeled: Last name.first name 2020 Activities
Transcript *
Have you included your Fall quarter/semester transcript in your folder? Labeled: Last name.first name 2020 Transcript
Date of Birth *
If you are a recipient of a scholarship your date of birth is provided the school you are planning to attend to assure your identification. Please use the following format: MM/DD/YYYY
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