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Event Address: Three Rock Rovers Hockey Club, Rathfarnham or Ballinteer Community School, Ballinteer, Co. Dublin
Contact us at 083 4810569 or
Cost: €180 (puppies under 6 months of age) or €190 (puppies 6+months old) for 6 week course

Payment can be made by cash, Bank Transfer to:
Pawfessional Pet Services
Or Revolut: 0834810569
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Terms of Service
General Training

We believe in fun, positive, reward-based training.
The following tools are not acceptable during training at any time: choke/check chains/collars, prong/pinch collars, electric/vibration collars, rattle bottles, water spray bottles, or other aversive tools. If you're concerned, please ask. Retractable/flexi leads or slip leads are also not recommended due to safety reasons.
We do not condone verbal or physical punishment of human or dog, such as intimidation, forcing into position, lead jerks/checks, smacks, collar twists, etc.
You are fully responsible for your dog.
Please do not allow your dog to approach another during training without the other handler's explicit consent.

1-to-1 sessions

Payment should be made in advance where possible.
Payment is generally non-refundable, but if you let us know if advance, we can reschedule, or in some circumstances, we may be able to fill your slot and reimburse you.
Appointments will be held for up to 48 hours and confirms as soon as payment is received.
If you do need to reschedule, please let us know as soon as possible, as there is often a waiting list and we may be able to fill your slot.
If your dog is injured, unwell, or in-season, please let us know as it may be better to reschedule. Please contact your vet first, or us if you are in doubt.


We welcome children to our training sessions and encourage them to get involved with the training.
All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult and all children under 8 should have a second adult with them to supervise.
Children must not approach other dogs in the area unless they have explicit consent of the other handler and their own parent.
Please let us know if you plan to bring children with you.

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