2019 Stand-Up for Grain Safety Week Survey
The NGFA is inviting feedback about the major safety outreach effort it hosted with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – the “Stand-Up for Grain Safety Week” – from March 25-29 to raise awareness about grain handling and storage hazards. Throughout the Stand-Up for Grain Safety Week, companies participated by providing focused activities and/or toolbox talks for employees on any hazard-prevention measure.
1. Did your facility participate in a Grain Safety Stand-Up event?
2. How many employees participated?
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3. How many facilities participated?
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4. What type of Stand-Up event(s) did you conduct?
4. How much total time did you spend conducting your Stand-Up event(s)?
5. How much total time did you spend preparing your Stand-Up event(s)?
6. Did you find the Stand-Up resource materials useful?
7. Do you plan to participate in next year's Grain Safety Stand-Up Week?
8. If you did not participate in the Grain Safety Stand-Up week, what changes or improvements can be made to encourage participation in future Stand-Up events?
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