PS 264 PTA Dads and Grads Raffle Baskets
BASKET A: You are Beary Owlsome
Retail Value: $100
Giant Bear Plush
Two Graduation Cowbells
Graduation Owl Cap
Owl Necklace
Boom Sticks
BASKET B: LOL Surprise!
Retail Value: $90
Accessories Bundle
Lol Game
Happy Loom
Bracelet Maker
Lol Remix
TY Boos
Minnie Ears
BASKET C: Superhero
Retail Value: $100
2 packs of marvel mini figures
BASKET D: Creative Summer
Retail Value: $130
Level 2 Classroom
Crayola Art Set
Ceramic Owl and Paint
Owl Graduation Art Ornament
BASKET E: Disney Storyteller
Retail Value: $105
Winnie the Pooh Storyteller Projector
Treehaus Set
Disney Board Game
Golden Books
BASKET F: Pampered
Retail Value: $135
Pampered Chef Pot
Botanical Garden Cake Slicer
Cook Books
Spoon Rest
Giraffe Measure Cups
Veggie Candles
BASKET G: Breakfast Celebration
Retail Value: $120
$25 IHoP Gift Card
$25 Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card
Cuisinart Cold Brew
Elite Cuisine Griddle
2 Starbucks Hot Cocoa Sets
BASKET H:His and Hers?
Retail Value: $180
King Gillette Set
Beard Shaver
Razor and refill
Beard Wash
Shave Gel
Gillette and Nivea- Shave Gel
Cell Phone Accessories
Dr Teals Gift Set
Bobby Brown Make up Set
Varied Make Up
BASKET I: It's Amore
Retail Value: $116
Assorted Cookbooks
Vegetable Candles
Lasagna, Preformed
Hand Soap
Cherry and Tomato Garden
Pizza Puzzle
Raffle Tickets
1 for $5
3 for $10
8 for $20 + an extra raffle in the big raffle

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