EducationUSA Russia Social Media Campaigns 2018/2019
EducationUSA Russia hosts targeted social media campaigns to help Russian students understand the diversity within U.S. higher education. When submitting information, please refrain from using rankings. Please make one submission for each social media campaign in which you would like to participate.
To make your post as effective as possible, use facts and figures (not rankings), provide short text, and include unique photos and links about the campaign's specific theme. Posts that have links to specific information on the theme and relevant details within the text have a significantly larger reach.

The information you provide will be shared on our Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Depending on scheduling availability, we can also host a webinar with you on these topics or include you in our "120 Credits" program, which is our short-term cohort advising series.

Please register at least 6 weeks before the social media campaign.

For any additional information please contact Indira Mukhamedova:

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