Repattering for Shifting Oppression
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What is the problem with our current relationship with our ancestors in terms of the legacy of oppression we have inherited and how this relates to world peace?
Like it or not, we are all descendants of people and governments who oppressed or have been oppressed. How do we relate to what we have inherited? Do we feel guilty, angry, stuck, like a victim, hopeless? Do we perpetuate systems of oppression consciously or unconsciously by trying to "get ahead" at all costs? Do we deny ourselves what we are given, because it is "not fair" that others have less? How do we prevent ourselves from learning from the mistakes of the past and living fully in the present?
What are the qualities that you do not like in your ancestors?
Are you aware that you resonate with these negative qualities yourself? If so, which qualities do you see yourself as holding?
How do you feel about our collective desire to be free to express our true and loving selves not being met?
What negative belief do you have about life as a result of not being able to express your true and loving self?
Why do imagine your ancestors were the way they were? What compassionate understanding can you offer them?
What do you imagine is the negative consequence for you mentally due to your lack of resonance with a compassionate understanding for your ancestors?
What are your ancestor's positive qualities?
Do you have any of these positive qualities? If so, which ones?
What did your ancestors teach you that was positive?
What was your ancestor's strength?
What was your ancestor's weakness?
Do I have your permission to proxy your field of energy into this session?
Because we are all energetically connected you can participate in this session from wherever you are in the world.
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