Spanish Teacher Questionnaire
As you may know, your student has decided to spend one semester of his/her junior year at the High Mountain Institute. We will enroll him/her in the appropriate Spanish class based on the information you share with us and on the student's completion of a placement test.

Our primary goal is to help our students continue their study of Spanish and re-integrate successfully into sending school classes after their semesters here. With up to 48 students from different sending schools around the country, it is helpful for us to know what each student needs during his/her semester with us. Please consider sending a course syllabus to our Spanish teacher at along with any additional information you think might be helpful.

Thank you very much for taking the time to help us meet the needs of your student(s)! If you have questions or concerns, please contact either Clara Maeder at or Aimee Goldstein, our Administrative Assistant for the HMI Semester, at (719-486-8200 ext 106).

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2018-2019 Spanish teacher's name *
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School name *
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Contact phone number *
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Title of the Spanish course for 2018-2019 year *
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Title of textbook
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How much of the course will be conducted in Spanish? *
What is the nature/focus of the course (i.e. grammar, literature, etc.)? *
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What readings/cultural units do you cover? *
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When will you introduce present tense verbs?
Ser vs. estar?
Reflexive verbs?
"Gustar" verbs?
Preterit vs. imperfect?
Progressive tenses?
Use of the gerund vs. infinitive?
Perfect tenses?
Passive voice?
Time expressions with "hacer"?
Comparative adjectives?
Superlative adjectives?
Neutral "lo"?
Possessive adjectives?
Demonstrative adjectives?
Omission of subject?
Direct and indirect object pronouns?
Prepositional pronouns?
Demonstrative pronouns?
Possessive pronouns?
Relative pronouns?
Neutrals (esto, eso, aquello, etc.)?
Verbs with prepositions?
Personal "a"?
Por vs. para?
Prepositional expressions?
Positional prepositions?
Gender/number of nouns?
Use/omission of aritcle?
Are there other grammatical or lexical topics you feel are essential to cover?
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Are there specific vocabulary units your student will be expected to know upon their return?
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Any other information you'd like for us to know?
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