Sutekh RPG One-shot DM sign up list
All sessions will be held on campus.
Sign-ups will be open from 17/02 to 06/03 with a first in, first accepted policy. After sign-ups closed sessions will be allocated. In the event that some sessions are without a DM sign-ups will reopen.

After that sessions will then be allocated such that as many people as possible are able to DM. Based on player demand, extra days, or DM slots on pre-existing days will be added.

Once sign up closes the results will be processed and then emails will be sent to members with the days they were accepted, and the details they will need. Contact will be made with session details.

If you wish to run your own adventure it must be prechecked by one of the exec to ensure it meets our code of conduct. Ideally, this means to send the details of your adventure though at least 1 week before your session. This does not need to be full notes on everything, but just a general outline of your plan for encounters, possible events, and instruction on character creation.

Code of Conduct found at
Contact us at for any queries
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Note that running your own session would require you sending through your session plan before the session to ensure it meets Sutekh's code of conduct. Also, DM's may be allocated to a session they did not pick in extreme circumstances, but you will be contacted personally about it and have no obligation to run that session.
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All sessions are held from 6 - 10 pm on their respetive dates. All sessions are held on campus and the location will be posted the week of the event.
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