Santa Cruz County School Garden Day
As part of Life Lab's 40th anniversary we will be organizing and promoting county-wide celebrations and a school garden open house.

As part of the School Garden Day we will promote participating school gardens and are looking to provide you resources (grocery store gift cards and a new garden sign) to help you run your event. This will be an opportunity to share your garden program to the wider community and reconnect with those (Life Lab "Pioneers") that will be gathering as part of Life Lab's Anniversary Gala.

Additionally October is Farm to School Month, your participation will be noted and recognized as part of this National Celebration.

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Your school garden day is your's to plan and run. You could host a community workday/workshop, a special event/harvest party, or whatever works best for your garden. You will set the parameters and times of what works for your school. We will be promoting Santa Cruz County School Garden Day events on local radio, online and in local print media.
AM or PM Time Slot - What would be best for you school community? *
The last time we ran a county wide school garden open house (2009) we ran two time slots so that participating garden teams had the option to visit other gardens and to allow more options for the public. It is up to you how long your event runs for but we'd like to know if it would be in the AM or PM.
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