Kalamazoo Curling Club's Application for Honorary Membership
Welcome to the Kalamazoo Curling Club’s online membership registration system!

Please NOTE that this system is only for registering yourself ~ please do NOT register a friend or family member!

Also IMPORTANT: each registrant must enter a UNIQUE EMAIL address in the following field; otherwise, lookup information for each registrant can get messed up. Thanks!!
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Mailing address is required to become a USCA member and receive their quarterly publication, "The Curling News" magazine, thanks!... EXAMPLE: 345 ViceSkip Dr.
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REDUCED ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS!... Platinum: multiple leagues (as low as $800), Gold: two leagues ($600-675), Silver: one league ($400-450), depending on when you register relative to the Early Registration Deadline; refer to club calendar or membership page. All membership level options shown below not only give you access to league play, but also all other member benefits: kalamazoocurlingclub.com/index.php/curling/membership-info. League play with your paid membership for the year includes 20+ weeks of curling thru next March: kalamazoocurlingclub.com/index.php/curling/leagues
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