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This signup form is for those interested in joining Sophia Thorne's Official ARC Review Team. This means you will have early access to all upcoming new releases.

*All fields required to be considered, and you MUST have access to ALL of the following:
  • email address (to find this address, go to Settings in your Kindle app; it's called your Send-to-Kindle address)
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* BONUS for Tiktok!

* Once you fill out the form, please request to join the Facebook group here: Sophia Thorne's Official ARC Team Group. This will be the "HQ" for the ARC Review Team.

* This is not a paid position, and filling out this form does not guarantee an ARC Review Team position.

* If you would like to be on my Street Team also (so you can get a guaranteed ARC), please fill out the Street Team Signup Form, and then join the FB group here: SIRENS Street Team for Sophia Thorne. Street Team signup form: Signup Form - Sophia Thorne's Street Team

* If you've been chosen, you'll be added to the Official ARC Review Team Facebook Group. Once you're in the group, please check the pinned posts at the top of the group and comment your response(s).

Thank you for your interest in my work!

Sophia Thorne


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