How Successful are the IITs?
*Please fill this survey if you have have pursued/are pursuing an undergraduate (BTech/Integrated Masters [including MTech/MSc]) programme at any IIT.

The purpose of this form is to crowdsource stories of present and former undergraduate students of the Indian Institutes of Technologies (IITs), and their impact on the individual student and the society.

Please note that the information collected through this form will be analysed and used for a journalistic report to be published on However, your name, identification details or any other personal information will not be used without your explicit written permission. The data collected through this form would be analysed for a report written by an independent freelance writer with the support of the TLoS editorial team

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We look forward to your responses!
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Do you belong to one or more socially marginalised groups (for example, you may belong to a marginalised gender, sexuality or caste group)? *
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Do you come from a marginalised caste background? *
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Do you have any visible or invisible disability? *
Which IIT are/were you affiliated with? *
Which stream did you choose to pursue your B.Tech degree in? *
Which year did you start your program at IIT? *
At what age did you first hear of IIT? *
What motivated you the most to aspire to be an IIT-ian? *
When did you start preparing for IIT-JEE? *
How much credit would you give to your high school education (11th and 12th standards) for your success in IIT-JEE? *
Did you take any private coaching for IIT-JEE? *
If the answer to the above question is yes, then how much credit would you give to the coaching centre for your success in IIT-JEE? (optional)
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How has your overall academic experience been in the IIT so far? *
On an average, rate the quality of IIT professors. *
What would be your helpful advice to IIT professors that could improve one's experience at IIT? (optional)
When were you the most motivated to study and learn after entering IIT? *
Do you think your interest in studying and learning decreased or increased over the years you spend at IIT? *
In either case, what do you think is the main reason for any changes in your motivation levels within the time you spend at IIT? (optional)
What are the major concerns that you face or faced in at IIT? (please select multiple options if you want to) *
Is/Was your IIT LGBTQ+ friendly? *
Is/Was your IIT persons-with-disability friendly? *
Is/Was your IIT accepting of and accessible by people from marginalised caste backgrounds? *
Do/Did you regret joining IIT? *
If yes, then what is/was the main cause of your regret? (optional)
Name one thing that you really like/liked and admire/admired about IIT? (optional)
How would you rate the research standards of your IIT? *
Do you think the IIT system needs a serious reform? *
Did you face any inequality/discrimination due to your gender/caste/sexual orientation/disability etc. during your time at IIT? *
This is a space for you to elaborate further on your views and perception of the IIT system, its strengths, weaknesses, and how things can be improved further. (optional)
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