2018 Student Sports Achievement Form
Please complete the form below giving full details of your child's achievement. Please indicate proper tournament/event names, and full website addresses where the information can be verified if needed. Please give as much detail as possible in the comment box. Unfortunately if you are unable to give full details, this may hinder our ability to acknowledge your child's sporting achievements.

There are three types of Representative categories:
1. Club Representation - where a student represents a club, eg: Mairangi Bay Surf Lifesaving Club
2. Regional Representation - where a student represents their region eg North Harbour, Hibiscus Coast etc.
3. New Zealand Representation - where a student represents New Zealand (please state how your child was selected to represent NZ - ie: trialed for a team, qualified from a national championship event etc)

To be considered as a representative, students must have been selected as an active competitor and they must have actually competed. If your child has been selected for a regional or national training squad (training partner, development player, trialist, non-travelling reserve etc) and has not participated in an event, please select N/A for all further questions and add additional comments regarding this in the final question.

Please note that this information may be used on our School Website, our Facebook page and/or for the NX Sports Awards. As these events are held outside of the Intermediate School programme, the student will not receive a badge.

When choosing photos to upload, please choose those that are of a high resolution (this means they are very clear) and that show your child in action, with the team (if they are part of one) or with their awards. Please do not combine into a collage, send as individual photos. Many thanks!

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