MHS Student Media Application 2021-2022
This application form is your gateway to leadership positions on all MHS Student Media publications: Blue M yearbook, The Mentor newspaper and, Manhattan Mention podcast, and Indian Insider and Sports Insider video productions. Please complete all information for the 2021-2022 school year. Your responses will be seen by adviser Mrs. Nyp, student teachers, editors-in-chief and/or a team of media professionals who will interview EIC candidates. EIC applications are due by Friday, April 16, and other staff are due by Monday, May 4.
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Name *
I understand that I need to be in Digital Media Publication Design, Project Management, Photo Imaging or Video Production during fifth hour in order to be an editor/leader of student media. *
I further understand that dropping in the middle of the school year is strongly, STRONGLY discouraged because it means letting down my peers and my student media community. *
My parents/guardians support my decision to be an editor/leader of student media, including my attendance at all work nights and the duties as assigned.   *
Speaking of work nights, I understand that as a staff member, particularly an editor/director, I'm expected to be at EVERY work night assigned for my publication(s): immediately after school on Mondays and until the publication is completed, for newspaper and online; at least two per deadline for yearbook; at least one to two livestreams per week during peak seasons. *
I understand that I am expected to attend a planning "boot camp" for 3-4 days the week before school begins in late July/early August. *
Seniors only: Do you plan to take early release or graduate in December? (This could make a difference in whether you are chosen for an editorial position, if there are other equally-qualified candidates who are not on early release or early graduation.)
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Home/parents phone *
Your cell phone *
Your email address *
Employer (if you have a job) *
What regular hours do you work there? *
Are we allowed to contact you while you're there? *
Do you have a drivers license? *
Do you have a car and/or regularly drive to school? *
When would you be available and willing to work on publications? (check all that apply) *
If possible, are you willing to spend three to five days this summer at journalism camp, if half or more of the cost is paid by the publication's activity account? *
Are you willing to help with fundraisers to help pay your way to journalism camp, if half or more of the cost is paid by the publication's activity account? *
What is the maximum amount you are willing to pay as your portion of the cost of attending journalism camp? *
What courses do you plan to take next year? *
The balance of involvement and your academic life is important. What is your current cumulative GPA? *
Attendance is crucial, and it shows you understand responsibility and deadlines. How many absences have you had this year? (Check in Infinite Campus -- your adviser or grade level counselor can help you find it) *
Do you have at least a B in your English class this year? *
What school and community activities are you involved in, and how long have you done each? *
What experience do you have that might be beneficial on publications (including communications and leadership at MHS, other schools and through activities)? *
What media and communications classes have you already taken (including at MHS and other schools)? *
What is your average typing speed? (Visit to verify speed.) *
Use a scale of 1 to 5 to rate your ability on the following technical skills and abilities. *
What even is this?
I've seen it but I'm not great at it
I can do it with occasional help
I'm pretty competent
I'm so good I could teach the class!
Word processing (Microsoft Word, Google Drive)
Adobe InDesign
Herff Jones yearbook plug ins
Digital photography
Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom
Video editing in Adobe Premiere or iMovie
Adobe Illustrator
Social Media
Use a scale of 1 to 5 to honestly rate your strengths and weaknesses in the following areas. *
I'm very weak in this
I try hard but it's sometimes challenging
I'm pretty good but need occasional help and reminders
I'm pretty competent
I'm so good I could write the book on it!
Accepting responsibility
Attention to detail
Following through on commitments
Neatness (in work and in physical space)
Design -- overall layout
Writing -- reporting
Writing -- opinion/persuasion
Collaborating on projects with others
Leading a group or team, motivating and coaching others
Setting clear goals and deadlines
Meeting outside deadlines
Interpersonal and social skills
Public speaking
Persuasion and salesmanship
Managing stress and anxiety
What ranks as your top choice for position for next year? *
What ranks as your second choice for position for next year? *
What ranks as your third choice for position for next year? *
Which publication editorial board were you referring to in the rankings (above)? *
Which section or page were you referring to in the rankings (above)? *
In a complete paragraph, what do you see as the greatest strength of recent years of student media (your top choice publication)? *
In a complete paragraph, what do you see as the most significant weakness of previous student publications? *
What is your primary reason for wanting to participate in student media next year? *
What are your career and academic goals after MHS? *
What is the most important skill or attribute you bring to the student media team? *
Editor-in-Chief and director candidates: Why are you the best choice for the leadership role?
Editor-in-Chief and director candidates: Please outline your goals, mission and ideas for sections, staffing and workflow for next year.
Editor-in-Chief and director candidates: What's one new idea you would like to incorporate into your publication if you are named to an editorial position? How will it work and how will it benefit the publication?
Interviews for editors-in-chief will be scheduled during the last two weeks of April. Please email a portfolio of three samples of your work that support your application for your top preferences, and bring a printed version with you to your interview. Samples can include articles, columns, reviews, photographs, page layouts, designed elements, captions/cutlines, or anything you think showcases your talent and leadership skills. Once selected, the EICs and staff leaders will interview and assign other positions as needed.
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