Business Insurance Questionnaire
If you are looking to get a quote for your business please answer the questions below.
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Do you have a copy of your subcontractors insurance policy listing you as the additional insured?
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List the addresses including zip code for each of your operating premises.
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16. Do you use any vehicles for your business operation? *
Do your employees use their personal vehicle for your business operations? *
List VIN #, Year, Make and Model for all vehicles used in your business (this includes food carts and trailers)
17. Are you required by contract to have a bond? *
18. Are you required by contract to have professional liability insurance? *
19. Are you required by contract to list an additional insured? (email a copy of the contract to *
Enter the Contracted Additional Insured contact info as listed on the contract.
Are you previously insured? *
List the insurance carrier name, policy # and effective date for your previous policy.
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