Cricket National Squad Nomination Form 2017/18
Sunday, 25th March 2018, 12-3pm, Peffermill Playing Fields
Sunday, 8th April 2018, 12-3pm, Peffermill Playing Fields

Athletes will only be invited to trials if they have filled out this nomination form.
Please be aware that some sports may require you to fill out another, similar form, at a later date.

By returning this representative form the nominee agrees to:

1. Adhere to SSS guidelines in terms of personal conduct while representing Scottish Student Sport.
2. Ensure payment for SSS representative activity has been agreed with their Sports Union or equivalent and is paid for at least two weeks prior to the event. Failure to pay will result in athletes being de-selected from the squad.
3. Abide by the Scottish Student Sport terms & conditions available at:

All representative dates, including trials, training and matches will appear on the SSS website:

Squad lists, player information and up to date news will appear on our Facebook or Twitter pages so if you haven't joined do so now:

If anyone has any questions regarding this form or representative nominations please contact the SSS office on 0131 650 9654.
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Funding: the amount of funding you receive will be at the discretion of your own athletic/sports union/sports department, please ensure you discuss with them before you submit your application. Our procedure would be to invoice your institution for your individual costs should you be selected, however you must make them aware of your participation in any representative activity and agree a payment procedure.

Can I play for SSS if I don't play for my uni or college?: Yes, but your union might not support you financially, so please check with them.

By filling this in will I automatically be included in a trial?: No, trial candidates are at coaches' discretion.
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