2019 CBHS Safety Survey for Parents
Please answer each question
1. Do you know if your child/student has been offered drugs by another student this year? (include alcohol,cigarettes and vape) *
Does your child/student feel safe at C.B.H.S.? *
3. Would you know what to do if there was an emergency at your child’s school? *
5. Do you attend school sponsored events with your child? *
4. Can you identify your SRO (School Resource Officer)? *
6. Has your child reported any safety infractions in his or her school? *
7. Does your child feel safe on the bus, or when walking to school? *
8. Would you like your School Resource Officer to teach more about the Law? *
9. Do you know about vaping? *
10. Have you heard about our new "Anonymous Alert" program? *
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