Solo and Ensemble Registration
Fill out one form per piece (not per player)

All solos and ensembles must have accompaniment if the piece has an accompanimental part. You may use smartmusic if the piece is available.

All Solo and Ensemble entries are due the day school lets out for the Christmas Holidays by midnight.

Students may change the title of their piece after the deadline but may not change the solo instrument or ensemble

Cost is 12.00 per solo or small ensemble; 20.00 per large ensemble (more than 5 players) note that prices are per PIECE not per player and do not include accompanist fees which average 40.00-50.00 per piece

Students are allowed to perform in as many as 4 events at district and state solo & ensemble. Each event must differ in instrumentation ie. a performer may perform in a saxophone quartet and a saxophone solo but not 2 saxophone quartets.

FBA does not acknowledge memorization of solos and ensembles at the district level but DOES at the state level. Students who perform from memory and earn a superior rating will earn a “superior with distinction” medal.

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