The Temple Grant Application form
Hello there you lovely burner!

So you want to design and build The Temple at WTSS 2017!? And you are looking for funding to make that happen?

Well you have found the right form for that. With this form you can apply for an grant to build The Temple, a spiritual place, a space of serenity at Burning Man Netherlands Where The Sheep Sleep (2017).

How it works:

- The grant is only ment for materials to help you out with your plan, not for time you work on it. That's a gift.
- Fill in this grant application form, BEFORE JUNE 28.
- When you fill in the form make sure you double check the questions. Most questions are mandatory because of the Dutch event and VAT laws
- On June 30 the Artlead team together with the BM NL board wil decide what plan/build team will win the grant. The decision is based on: feasibility, design, structure, safety and general awesomeness
- On July 1 the grant winners will be presented via the official Burning Man Netherlands Facebook page and website.
- We can only grant costs for materials, so you do need to have recites of everything. Keep this in mind. Without recites we cannot grant.
- We will need a copy of your ID or passport if you win the grant before we can grant. We need this to proof we do not grant anything to a fictive/non-existing person (VAT and TAX rules)

Limitations of the temple structure, due to law and permits:
- Total max height 15 meters.
- The design should not be able to climb on
- Non flammable materials, or fire proof materials.

When making and thinking about a project please keep the Burning Man 10 Principles in mind, as this is at the core of our community!

Please fill in the form as completely as possible - this will give you a better chance to get the grant!

The temple at WTSS 2016:
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