2019-2020. Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation Public School Proud Grants
***This application will only be considered for the Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation Public School Proud Grants.***

Proposals are due January 10, 2020 and must be completed on Google Forms by 10 a.m. Please use the following form to submit your proposal. If you have questions during the grant process, contact Allison Struck at 605.367.4484.

FOUNDATION MISSION: We champion teachers and students by encouraging, promoting and funding creative and innovative teaching strategies in order to enhance and enrich education in all Sioux Falls Public Schools.

ELIGIBILITY: Staff members from all grade levels who are employed by the Sioux Falls Public School District are eligible to apply. Sioux Falls School District substitute teachers are not eligible for this grant program.

This is a competitive process. Grant proposals are evaluated and awarded by a judging committee that will consist of one member of the Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation Board, one retired educator, and four community representatives.

Winners are required to attend one of the Education Foundation's fundraisers, either the State of the School District Breakfast or Public School Proud. Grant recipients are expected to share what they have learned from this project with other teachers in a professional format during the school year.

CRITERIA: The Education Foundation wants to fund teachers' big ideas in the classrooms. Are you the first educator in your grade level, building, or district to use these materials? Did you attend a conference and learn about a new teaching technique, and you want to implement it here in Sioux Falls? Do you want to experiment with aquaponics, start a student podcast, or film with 360 cameras? Can you teach students how to use a 3D printer, play the ukulele, or build robots? If there is something you want in your classroom to keep students engaged, focused, and ready to learn, we want to hear about it. The selection panel will consider proposals for:
• Activities that give students hands-on, immersive opportunities to learn
• Materials that teach concepts in an innovative or creative way
• Enhancements to existing curriculum
• Teaching tools that align with curriculum and teaching standards
• Projects that will be completed by the end of the school year
• Materials that support the mission of the Sioux Falls Public School District

Grant proposals may be for any amount up to $10,000. Individuals requesting more than $3,000 may be asked to give a formal presentation to members of the Grants Committee.

Grant proposals may include projects that require the purchase of equipment or software. If installation or maintenance costs will be incurred, please receive approval from your building principal before submitting the proposal. Any orders placed on Amazon should link to the SFPSEF on Amazon Smile as the nonprofit to benefit from purchase.

Proposals requesting salary, employee travel, conference costs, or reimbursements for items already purchased will not be considered.

These grants are made possible through the personal and corporate financial contributions made to the Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation. These donors value quality education and have chosen to support these efforts with their financial contributions.

Once the applications have been screened and the Grants Committee and Foundation Board of Directors have made final decisions, representatives of the Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation and the award sponsors will present the awards to the recipients throughout the second semester. Checks will be presented to the award recipients but made payable to the award recipient's school for deposit in the school's Trust and Agency accounts. Award recipients may access the grant funds through the T&A accounts. If the program is not completed for which a grant was awarded, the funds must be returned to the Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation.

Grant award winners will be required to share the grant and its impact with stakeholders in order to increase the awareness of the work of the Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation.
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