LWCS Withdrawal Feedback
If you are filling out this form, you have expressed the need or desire to withdraw from Life Way Christian School. Since you are a vital part of the Life Way family, we would like feedback from you on how well we served your family and your thoughts on how we can do a better job of serving families in the future. Please answer with honesty and know that your comments will be held in confidence. It is tough losing members of the Life Way family but we pray that God will continue to bless your family and guide you in the days and weeks to come.
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How long has your family been at Life Way?
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Why did you choose to partner with Life Way Christian School for the education of your child?
What does Life Way do well?
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How would you rate Life Way in the following areas?
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Academic Rigor
Spiritual Formation of Students
Biblical Worldview Development
Relationships with Students
Relationships with Parents
Accessible Leadership
Opportunities for extracurricular activites
In what areas could Life Way improve?
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What is your main reason for leaving Life Way?
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If you are withdrawing due to financial reason, have you expressed your concerns and needs with the leadership of the school?
Would you like to set up a meeting with the administrator?
Any other comments?
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