Alternative Study Guide
Hi fellow GSS student,
As the Education Promotion committee we would like to create a better overview for other students on the available courses of GSS. We would like you to evaluate the GSS course(s) you followed this period. The evaluation is meant for other students to understand what courses will be like and to make more informed choices. This is not meant as a course evaluation, but more an objective rating/description of the courses.
Which level is the course? (year 1, 2 or 3)
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What year are you in now? (year 1,2 or 3)
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What is the name of the course?
What track does the course belong to?
How is the course structured (Practical’s/assignments/lectures/Group assignments), please verify(?) the amount of practicals and assignments?
How difficult would you rate this course? 1-5
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How much mandatory reading is included?
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What high school subjects most resemble this course (science, physics, economics, etc.)
What is/are the main thing(s) you learned during this course
To what extent did the exam cover the topic of the course
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To who would you definitely recommend this course
To who would you NOT recommend this course
Anything else to add to the evaluation:
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