2017 LoLa Art Crawl Sponsor Sign-up
This initiative allows LoLa to make a greater investment in art crawl promotion and advertising, as well as to fund other LoLa events and activities. Sponsorship for LoLa 2017 is open to any and all within and beyond the LoLa geographic area.
Help us promote the LoLa Community of Artists
We are asking supportive local businesses, community organizations and individuals to consider being a sponsor of the 2017 LoLa Art Crawl. This sponsorship will help pay for promotional materials such as posters, maps, signs, and advertisting. The $35 fee paid by LoLa artists is the basis of our Art Crawl budget, but Sponsors’ financial assistance helps bring city-wide traffic into Longfellow. Gold, Platinum and Pillar Sponsors have the opportunity to include an ad in the 2017 Artist Directory and their location on a map of Art Crawl Sponsors and Artists.Please consider becoming a 2017 LoLa Art Crawl Sponsor!
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Make Checks payable to:
The League of Longfellow Artists

Send completed form and check to:
P.O. Box 6883, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Contact the LoLa Steering Committee at longfellowartists@gmail.com

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