2020 Regional Project Prioritization - Full Application
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The NCWEDD accomplishes its mission by assisting projects initiated by it's members and other organizations. Please complete this application no later than October 26, 2019. To save the application and continue working on it before the deadline, please click the "Save/Submit" button below. You will receive an email confirmation, which will contain a unique link allowing you to resume working on your application. No changes after 5:00 P.M. on October 26, 2019 will be accepted.

The NCWEDD prioritizes projects that align with the EDA Planning Keys:
> Analyze the Local Regional Economy
> Define Regional Economic Development Goals
> Determine Economic Development Opportunities
> Formulate and Implement a Regional Economic Development Program

The NCWEDD can assist qualifying projects of regional economic significance with the following:
> Inclusion on regional list of economically significant projects
> Fund Sourcing
> Project Facilitation
> Grant Writing
> Letter of Support

A committee of NCWEDD members will review all submitted applications and MAY contact applicants to schedule a formal presentation. Appropriate support and/or resources will be allocated based on the rankings derived from the submitted materials and/or presentations.

The NCWEDD Board of Directors selects projects to work on each year based on the recommendations of the committee, budget, and resources available. Consideration is given to NCWEDD members, projects with demonstrated readiness to proceed, and those that can build the capacity of the NCWEDD through joint efforts.
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Please provide the following information in the space below: identify how your project would benefit at least one approved strategic plan in the region (e.g. city plans, OCOG Regional Transportation Plan, Our Valley, Our Future, the Wenatchee/East Wenatchee partnership, Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority Economic Development Plan, the Colville Tribes CEDS, etc.); and explain how your project aligns with at least one of the four EDD Planning Keys listed above.
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Will your project require the use of the NCWEDD 501(c)3 status for grant writing? *
If the NCWEDD is used to acquire funds, who will administer those funds? *
What are the measurable regional economic benefits (e.g. how will completion of this project measurably advance the economy of NCW)? *
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Will this project result in the creation of new jobs or the retention of existing jobs? Please explain. *
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What are the measurable community benefits? *
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Feasibility Study
Engineering Report
Business or Strategic Plan
Grant Applications
Implementation Fiinancing
Letters of Support
Partners Organized
Project Coordination
List the main goals your project seeks to accomplish. *
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Identify and estimate the project tasks and costs to be completed by your organization. *
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What is your current and anticipated schedule of work? Please list by Task, Status, and Timeline. *
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List any supporting entities of the Project, including local, county, regional, community, government agencies, private, business or non-profit. Define the level of support. *
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List sources of match dollars that are secured. *
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List sources of non-match dollars such as State, Federal, County, or Foundation money as (S) secured, (P) planned, (N) needed, or (NA) not applicable. *
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