Wisconsin Forward 2022 Re-Score Request for Public, Charter, and Choice Students

Use this form to submit a re-score request for approval by DPI and processing by DRC. Please note this form is for public, charter, and choice students, only.

There are two types of re-score requests: removal of a non-testing code (N) and an appeal (A). Choose "N" if you are requesting a removal of a non-testing code for a completed student test for which the score is now needed.

Choose type "A" if you are requesting a re-score of a previously scored student test.

For both types of re-score requests the cost is $100.00 per test and each content area is considered a separate test. A separate request is required for each content area.  

In the case of an appeal, if the score changes (the initial score provided was incorrect), the district will not be charged.  
All re-score requests are due by Wednesday, September 28, 2022. All re-score requests will be processed after September 28.

Billing occurs following the re-score process.

New scores will be provided via scoring memo with no change to over-all data.

The scoring memo will be provided via the DRC INSIGHT Portal (behind secure sign-on) to the DAC listed in the request and to DPI.

Be sure to have the following information available when making your request:
District (LEA) Code (10-digit number)*
District Name*
School Code (10-digit number)*
School Name*
State Student ID  (10-digit number)*
Purchase Order (PO) Number

*These values, as well as Student First Name and Student Last Name, should match the student record currently in the DRC INSIGHT Portal.

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