Invitation ONK:Hapkido

The "Nederlandse Hapkido Bond" would like to invite you to participate in the 16th annual Dutch Open Championships Hapkido
The ONK Hapkido as each year will have participants from the Netherlands and abroad.

Sunday April 7, 2019,

Sports Hall Westroyen
Predikbroedersweg 14,

Start: 09.00 AM.
Everybody starts sametime! Childeren and adults! Competition on 3 mats.

Prices: The top 3 in each category will, depending on the category, win a cup or Medal.
- If a group has only two participants/couples, there will only be a first prize.
- If a group has only three participants/couples, there will only be a first and second prize.

Classes and age groups may me merged, if there is only one contestant in a particular group.
Both individuals of a couple receive a prize.
That means you could possibly win two prizes in one group (one as performer, one as partner)

As a bonus, the school with the most prizes gets a special prize. Points will be awarded for this.
First prize gets 3 points, second gets 2 points and third counts for 1 point.

Men and women compete together.
The only exceptions are Break Tests (Kyuk Pa) and Fall Breaking (Nak Beop).

Competition elements

- Hapkido Sul Ki (Self-defense - Technics)
- General Weapon Kata
- Sword Kata
- Nak Beop (Fall Breaking)
- Kyuk Pa (Breaking test)

Categories and Requirements
Rules And regulations
A detailed discription regarding the rules for the ONK can be found here:

Competition Fees
HAPKIDO / SUL KI (techniques)
Price: € 22,50 per couple
Hapkido self-defense against (un)armed attacks
Own choice of realistic techniques
No more than 1 attacker

Price: € 20,00 per participant
The demo may last between 45 and 90 seconds
Every Weapon (except a Sword) is permitted.

Price: € 20,00 per participant
The demo may last between 45 and 90 seconds.
Minimal black belt!
Real sword allowed.

NAK BEOP (Fall breaking):
Price: € 12,50 per participant
Distance jump on a turn mat.
3 attempts per contestant.
The distance is determined on the basis of the place where the first-hand touch to the ground.

Price: € 25 per participant (Price includes all 1.8 cm thick wooden boards of 30cm by 30cm)
Minimum age to participate is 16!

Regular Entry fees
Spectators under 12 years: € 3, to be paid by entrance
13 years and older spectators: € 5, to be paid by entrance
Participants ONK 2019, free of charge.
NHB members WITH NHB/IHC/DME Federal passport free of charge.
Payment details
All payment should be in our possession no later than March 15, 2019.

IBAN : NL54RABO0149017952
Name : Nederlandse Hapkido Bond
In the description, please state: ONK 2019 Tiel + name of the participant.

Signup Information
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Which Competition Elements will the participant take part in
Prices (non nhb-ihc-dme/nhb-ihc-dme) in euro
Hapkido / KI SUL (Technics) (22,50/17,50)
In case of Hapkido / KI SUL: Name of the Partner
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General Weapon KATA (20,00/15,00)
In case of General Weapon Kata: Name of the Weapon
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Sword KATA (20,00/15,00)
BREAK-FALL / NAK BEOP (12,50/7,50)
In case of Break-fall / NAK BEOP participant heigth in cm.
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BREAK TEST / KYUK PA (25,00/20,00)
Payment and registration have to be in our possession no later than 15 March 2019..
Payments and registrations after this date can unfortunately not be considered!

Questions or registration problems;

By submitting this form i consent to having my personal information stored for the duration of the period leading up to and during the Dutch Open Hapkido Championships. After the event is finished this information will be destroyed. I also consent to receiving information regarding this event. I will under no circumstance receive any unsollicited e-mails not regarding the event nor will my information be made available to parties outside of the NHB. If i do not consent i understand that i cannot take part in the Dutch Open Hapkido Championships.
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