Zurcher Farms - Pork Waiting List
Please fill out this form if you are interested in purchasing one of our farm-raised pigs. We will contact you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. We only raise a small number of hogs at a time to ensure our animals are not overcrowded and stay happy and healthy, and as a result a deposit of $100 will be required once the animal is happily fattening-up at the farm, and will serve to confirm your place in line. We will stay in contact with you throughout the process and arrange for pick-up/drop-off as your pig nears it's goal weight.

All pigs are sold as-is by the pound. We will deliver to the butcher of your choice for a small fee, if desired.

It needs to be said, that due to the nature of live animals, we are not able to sell half or quarter pigs at this time. However, if you make arrangements with friends or family to divide the meat once the animal is processed, that is fine, we simply request payment in full before the animal leaves the farm.

Thank you! We appreciate your business and are happy to provide a way for your family to put food on your table in a way that you can take comfort in knowing exactly where it came from, unlike with the meat in big supermarkets.

Any messages sent through this form, not relating to it's purpose will be deleted without contact. Please do not use this form as an outlet for social commentary on the treatment of animals and/or veganism, vegetarianism, PETA, or other similar beliefs or organizations. We are a small family-run farm. We pride ourselves on the fact that our animals have the best life possible before fulfilling their purpose. We ensure that they are butchered humanely and only use antibiotics as necessary for the safety and comfort of the animal and animals surrounding them. ALL of our animals are a part of our family, and are cared for as such. Anyone is welcome to stop by the farm and see our operation, if you have questions or want to discuss ethics with us, please email us directly at zurcherfarms@gmail.com.

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