Volunteer Camp Counselor St.Timothy's VBS - July 16-18th, 2019 10 am - 12:30pm
VOLUNTEERS SHOULD PLAN TO ARRIVE AT 9:15 AM. Counselor positions will be limited based on the number of students that sign up for VBS. Positions are on a first come-first serve basis. NOTE: This year's camp is only three days.
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Special Concerns: Please indicate if any special accommodations need to be made for your child, i.e. food allergies; medications; developmental delays; physical or mental health issues, etc. *Strict confidentiality is observed.
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Parental Release: I give my child permission to participate in St. Timothy's Parish Vacation Bible School (VBS) as a volunteer camp counselor. In case of medical emergency, every effort will be made to reach the parent, guardian or emergency contact. In the event that none can be reached, I give permission to a representative of St. Timothy's Parish to secure proper and necessary medical treatment for my child. *
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Candid pictures without identifying names are sometimes used in parish publications and on our website. If you DO NOT grant such permission, please check the box below. By NOT selecting the box below, you ARE granting permission to use pictures.
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