Hartford Community Podcast Lab Application Deadline February 28, 2020

In keeping with its mission of fostering new and diverse journalistic talent, the Futuro Media Group has created the ​Hartford Community Podcast Lab​.

Partnering with Free Center and Kamora’s Cultural Corner, this program will develop, pilot, produce, and distribute new audio projects by emerging POC storytellers in partnership with public media organizations, colleges and universities, and community organizations. Building off of the successes of ​its podcasts Latino USA ​ and ​In The Thick, Futuro’s team works in a synergistic manner to develop both one-off podcast projects and serialized mini-series with emerging journalists and storytellers who generally would not have the access or training to start their own projects. The topics explored are generated by community voices, highlighting issues of importance and sustainability within their wider community and providing perspective and voices not often heard in mainstream media.

The Hartford Community Podcast Lab is a three-month educational program in which residents with no or limited formal media training develop, produce, own, and share authentic stories of their communities. Participants receive hands-on training with experienced professionals in media and journalism to develop and practice skills in podcast production. Local journalists and journalism students are immersed in Futuro’s brand of observational journalism in which journalists partner with Hartford residents as conduits and catalysts to unlock ​their ​stories, as opposed to telling the stories for them.

The program will provide hands-on training and experience in audio storytelling including using audio equipment and digital editing software. Participants will create a 6-10 minute audio story, which will be presented at a graduation event and listening forums throughout Hartford. Many of the stories will also be broadcast nationally. These podcasts may or may not be English language. During the three-month program, participants will be paid a weekly stipend.

Participants in this certificate program will learn the fundamental techniques of long-form, narrative audio storytelling. A goal of the course is to learn to tell compelling stories using clear and conversational writing, interviews, and sound. Additionally, participants will learn about marketing, audience engagement, and the landscape of the broader podcast industry.
Classes will be held one to two evenings a week. There will be additional production lab hours required to complete all projects. This program is open to applicants 18 years or older. If you are selected for an interview, you will be notified in March. The program will start in April.

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