Pittsburgh Parking Authority Customer Survey
The Pittsburgh Parking Authority’s goal is to provide you our customers and visitors with professional and excellent quality customer service.

Thank you ahead of time for giving us the opportunity to serve you better. We would appreciate it, if you could take a few minutes to tell us about the service that you have received. We want to make sure that we meet or exceed your expectations and are given the opportunity to better serve you.

1. Overall, how would you rate the quality of your customer service experience? *
2. How often do you use the services provided by the Authority? *
3. If you had questions or concerns about our service, how well did we understand? *
4. How much time did it take us to respond to your questions or concerns? *
5. If you have contacted our offices, have all matters and issues been resolved to your satisfaction? *
6. Please rate your level of satisfaction with the representative in the following areas *
Very Satisified
Somewhat Satisfied
Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Very Dissatisfied
Understanding of my needs
7. If you have used one of our garages, do you feel that the level of security provided in these facilities is sufficient? *
8. What can we do to improve the level of safety and security in our garages? *
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9. Considering your complete experience with us, how likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague – on a scale from 1-10? *
Not Likely At All
Extremely Likely
10. What did we do really well?
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11. What can we do going forward to be even better?
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12. If you have any additional comments, questions or concerns on how we can improve your satisfaction, please use this space.
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