Grades 3 - 12 Student Survey Fall 2017 - 2018
Which school do you attend?
What is your current grade?
I feel welcome when I go to school.
I DO NOT feel welcome at school.
I feel VERY welcome at school.
My school (or classroom) encourages parent family participation.
I am involved with my school.
I am informed about what is happening at my school.
My school communicates learning expectations.
My school provides me with ways to extend my learning at home. (Example: apps, computer links, Google Classroom, )
Administrators and teachers create a positive school learning environment for me.
I feel safe at school.
My school promotes an understanding of cultural differences.
I feel respected by other students.
Teachers have a high level of expectation for me.
The administration (principal, assistant principal, etc.) listens and addresses my questions and concerns.
I would like to see opportunities for after school programs offered at my school.
There are adequate computers for use in my school.
What suggestions do you have for improving family relationships in your school?
Your answer
What suggestions do you have for improving your school?
Your answer
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