Ryerson Engineering Competition (REC) 2019 Chair Application
The REC Chair’s duties include but are not limited to those listed below. The REC Chair
(a) Be responsible for organizing and promoting the Ryerson Engineering Competition.
(b) Directly report to and work in full cooperation with the RESS President
(c) Form a committee which the REC Chair must oversee**
(d) Acquiring/finding industry professionals as Judges for the competition

Candidates for the position of REC chair must meet the following requirements:
(a) Must have attended at least one of the REC, OEC, CEC as a spectator or participant.
(b) Must have one year experience in the organization of REC.*
(c) No member shall chair the REC for more than one year.
(d) If paid the alumni fee, an alumni may be eligible to chair the competition***

Time Commitment required
(a) 5-10 hours/week during initial planning stages
(b) 15-20+ hours/week for last three weeks leading up to competition.

Skills/Experiences preferred (but not required):
(a) Experience acquiring sponsorship
(b) Experience in establishing industry contacts
(c) Strong leadership skills (required to manage a team of 10+ members/volunteers)
(d) Strong work ethic & time/energy management skills.
(e) Strong presentation skills (must be comfortable presenting in front of hundreds of competitors, judges and school faculty)
(f) Creativity

*Can be exempted if strong relevant experience is demonstrated (Upon RESS President's discretion).
**Selected committee members require RESS president's approval.
*** Must show commitment and availability (Upon RESS President's discretion).
Deadline to Apply: July 24th, 2019

For more information, please refer to RESS's policy manual, available here: http://ress.ca/governance
For questions, please contact prez@ress.ca

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Experiences which are ideal but not required: Acquiring sponsorship, establishing industry contacts, managing a team of 10+ people, strong presentation skills (written and verbal)
What is your availability like? Do you have any other commitments for the 2019 - 2020 school year? Please list them in point form. *
Please know that this position requires on average at least 10 hours of commitment every week and 20+ hours/week for the last three weeks leading up to the competition.
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