Career and work anxiety in 1st and 2nd generation immigrants
Hello! I'm doing market research to continue improving my content and offerings in my coaching practice.

This survey is for you if you identify as a 1st or 2nd generation immigrant and you are experiencing work anxiety in the form of:

- Career dilemmas that create paralyzing indecision (hesitating between quitting, staying, switching, starting side hustle, etc...and circling between these options without making any moves)

and/ or

- Being overwhelmed by thoughts about work, even well after the work day is over (to the point it prevents you from enjoying other aspects of life)

If you feel inspired to respond, it'd really help me better understand the problem and create solutions that are specific.


Sonia Ortiz - Life Coach
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What's the type of work anxiety that BEST describes your situation right now (it may be both, but choose the one that feels most accurate right now) *
How is this type of work anxiety affecting your life right now? Can you give specific examples? *
What have you tried to overcome this work anxiety? Feel free to expand on what has worked well VS. what hasn't worked at all *
Are there any "mainstream" pieces of advice on how to deal with work anxiety that you find annoying or frustrating? Can you give me an example? *
Do you think your background + cultural identity as a 1st or 2nd generation immigrant affect your experience of work anxiety? In which ways? *
When it comes to consuming content for self-improvement / career advancement purposes, are you more of a video watcher, or podcast listener?
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If I did a video, podcast or written post specifically for your situation, what topic would you like me to address? The more specific your question is, the better help I can provide...
If I want to follow up for any extra questions or to tell you about any content or programs, can I contact you privately? If yes, please leave your email address below. I appreciate your time!
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