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What has transpired to make you want to work with a coach? Why now?
So where do you find yourself right now? What are some areas of your life you feel aren't WOWING you?
How far along are you on your personal development journey? Are you a newbie? Been dabbling? Been at it for a long time and want a new perspective?
When working with a coach, you need to have some sort of an idea of what it is you want to work towards or accomplish. This could be something completely new or shifting some things around that currently feel out of alignment. What are you wanting to accomplish by working with me?
Tell me where you currently feel you are missing the mark? What obstacles have you come up against that you need help climbing over (or even kicking down)?
I work with very few people at a time (max 4).  I only work with people who want to take proactive steps to improve their lives and they have to be ready and willing to do the work. People who want to look at themselves without rose coloured glasses ... because that's how change occurs.... through looking at and only speaking their truth. If I have a spot open, would you be willing to show up like that ... for YOURSELF and me?
Anything else I should know?
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