We the People 2019-20 School-Based Hearings & Showcases
We the People hearings are exciting learning events for all students! VA Civics is here to support teachers who would like to hold hearings in their classrooms or as school-based events, but who do not plan to compete at a formal regional event. Your students' hearings may be scored, or you may choose to have judges give verbal feedback only.

** Do not fill out this form if you are holding a school-based competitive event in advance of a We the People Regional competition. Please use the Competition Registration form instead. **

We can support you in:
- Helping to recruit judges for your hearing(s) (please contact us at least 6 weeks prior to planned hearing)
- Participating in Hearings or Showcase events (please contact us at least 6 weeks prior to planned hearing)
- Providing electronic copies of hearing resources, like scoresheets and scoring rubrics

Please register your event by filling out this form, and we will be in touch!

Please contact Emily Voss at emily@vacivics.org with any questions.
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