Belfast school run health check
In Northern Ireland ycling accounts for a shocking 0% of the school run to primary and post-primary schools.

Bikefast is trying to establish how the bicycle is being supported as a travel mode and how much the car is being catered for in our city’s “school run”.

To do this we need to collect information for all 193 Belfast schools on the:

number and quality of bicycle parking spaces
number and type of car parking spaces

If you’re a pupil, teacher or parent at a school in Belfast, we’re asking you to fill in the blanks. (No-one holds this data centrally.) We’ll use the information to assess the current balance of travel provision by schools and see where action needs to be directed.

Teachers might want to use this as an opportunity to get a class involved in doing a quick spatial survey.

We’ve started the list by looking at Google Maps, but this is purely guesswork and needs on-site confirmation. Here’s what you should look for:

Bicycle stands should typically count for two spaces if there’s good access on both sides.

Only formal bicycle parking stands should be counted, not informal poles or fences.

Drop zones and informal daily parking in quads or open grounds can be tough to quantify so we’ll take your best guess at the peak capacity.

We’re only counting spaces within school grounds – on-street parking should not be counted.

Numbers are all we need – please do not take pictures within school grounds, unless you have permission from the school.

Best of luck and thank you for taking part.

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