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For Brown University students interested in joining the HCI research group ( Applications reviewed on a rolling basis, and open positions are listed in the table below.
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N-Motion (graphics)
Drafty (Java and databases)
Sketchy (web applications and design)
WebGazer (computer vision)
SleepCoacher (app development)
pillowist (fabrication, sensing) -- see the Getting Involved doc
ShareAid (artificial intelligence, machine learning) -- see the Getting Involved doc
Self-E (data science/statistics, mobile apps) -- Start Summer 2018 at earliest
Sochiatrist (phone hacking and machine learning) -- Start Fall 2018 at earliest
Rewind (web applications and virtual reality) -- Closed indefinitely
Dark -- Closed indefinitely
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Just for my curiosity, are you considering doing a Ph.D. later?
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