Registration for Online Course - Come a little Closer Oct 2020
YES, we want to apply for the 7 tantric dates online course for couples with Janie and Fredrik starting 13th of October 2020

We are sooooo excited to have you on board. It looks like your are ready to take your love life and relationship to the next level. YEAH! We are celebrating your curiosity, your openness and your trust towards us.

These 7 pre-recorded tantric dates will be a deep dive into heart-opening love, deep connection, sacred sexuality, vulnerability, ridiculous amounts of pleasure and sooo much fun!!

We are inviting you and your partner on an intimate and transformational journey where you will be held throughout the entire process. We are here to offer you every ounce of love, wisdom and inspiration that we have available in our hearts for you both.

With each date you will have so many opportunities to fall in love again and again and come a little closer to yourself and your partner.

You will get to stretch your love muscles beyond anything you ever thought possible and experience how beautiful and mind-blowing sexuality and intimacy can be in a safe space where your body can open up for more and more pleasure.

Lots of love,
Janie and Fredrik
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