SGX Day Traders Winner & Loser Self Assessment 新加坡对敲股票交易赢家输家自我评估
1. My stock trading decision free from emotional strain and personal opinion? 我的交易决策不受个人情绪紧张和个人的意见影响? Question *
2. Is my trading decision free from rumours and tips? 我的交易决策不受谣言和Tips的影响? *
3. Do I have a method for stock selection? 我有自己的选股方法? *
4. Do I know the best entry price for the selected stock? 我知道所选股票最好的买入价格? *
5. Do I know how to allocate my funds so that I can maximize my profit and minimize my risk? 我知道我的资金如何分配,这样我可以最大化我的利润,并大幅度减少我的风险? *
6. What if I am wrong, do I know when to get out of the market? 如果我错了,我知道什么时候退出市场? *
7. What if I ‘am right, do I know when to add on position? 如果我是对的,我知道什么时候才能添加仓位? *
8. Before taking on a position, do I know the biggest loss I would suffer if I am wrong? 在未买入股票时,我已知道如果我错了,我所会蒙受的最大损失? *
9. Do I know the exit prices for all my stocks in hand? 我知道我所拥有的股票的套利价格? *
10. Am I satisfied with the performance of my stock investment? 我对我的股票投资表现感到满意? *
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