Integrated Skills Program 2
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L6T1F - It's a mystery.
In this lesson, you're going to learn about the Easter Island mystery.
Task One: Click on the link. Watch the video about today's mystery.
Task Two: Watch the video and practise saying the words.
Task Three: Write the words under the pictures.
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Task Four: Ed Winchester presents a show called "It’s a mystery". Every week he talks about a different mystery.
This week, Ed is talking about the Easter Island mystery. Listen to the show and choose the best words to complete the sentences below.
1. Captain Jacob Roggeveen of Holland landed on Easter Island on Easter Sunday in the year __________.
2. The Rapa Nui people may have sailed from __________ to the east or Polynesian islands to the west.
3. The maoi statues are five metres tall and weigh __________ kilograms each.
4. There are 887 maoi statues on the island and __________ of them are on the coast.
5. The Rapa Nui may have made the statues for religious reasons or to __________ outsiders.
6. Food shortages and war caused the population of Rapa Nui to fall from a high of __________ people to only 2,000 in 1722.
Task Five: Listen to Kelly. What does she think about the mystery?
Task Six: Are the statements below true or false?
Kelly thinks that the story of the Easter Island statues is interesting.
Kelly doesn't beleive what the scientists and historians say about the statues.
Kelly thinks that people today should learn to use natural resources more carefully.
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Task Seven: Listen to Greg. What does he think about the mystery?
Task Eight: Are the statements below true or false?
Greg thinks that scientists and historians can explain everything about the statues.
Greg thinks that aliens helped to build and move the statues.
Greg thinks that the statues were too heavy to be moved without transport.
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Task Nine: Watch the video and answer the questions with your own ideas.
Click the link below to see a pdf of this lesson.
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