Right Now Media - User Survey
We'd like to find out if the South Baptist Church family is taking advantage of their Right Now Media account. If you have a RNM account, please complete and submit the online survey form by the end of October. Your input will help us determine if we will continue to provide RNM to our church family. Contact Pastor Larry if you have any questions. You can respond individually or as a household. Thank you!
1. How would you describe your household? *
2. Approximately how often do members of your household watch RNM content each month? (calculate your response by adding up the total separate views by each member of your household) *
3. How would you rate your household's overall experience with RNM? *
4. How important is it for your household to continue your RNM account? *
Not important at all
Very important!
5. If South Baptist Church were no longer providing RNM free of charge to your household, how much would your household be willing to contribute each month or annually to continue making RNM available to our church family? *
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